Geology Walk: West Runton east to Wood Hill

21-04-2018 — Add to Calendar

Details - Join geologist Martin Warren for a journey through time.

We don't walk too far (1.1 km and back) but we shall journey through 4.6 billion years of Earth history, following a timeline along the beach from the formation of the Earth to the present day. You will appreciate how our dynamic world has changed and evolved, as illustrated by the rocks and fossils on West Runton beach. See yourself from a geological perspective.

You can: gaze over Doggerland - a whole Mesolithic landscape, drowned 8000 years ago by the rising North Sea; imagine being under a giant Ice Age glacier 450,000 years ago; examine the bed of a 70 million year-old subtropical sea, when dinosaurs were alive and pay your respects at the grave of the 700,000 year-old West Runton elephant when Norfolk was 'big game' country.

There are lots of different rocks to see and stories to tell, including how flint was formed and the origin of those funny giant flints with a hole right through them. See the 18th century dated 'Sharman Cutler's Stone' (above). Have your finds identified. Put your questions to an expert.



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