Spring Star party at Kelling Heath

12-04-2018 - 19-04-2018 — Add to Calendar

The night sky at Kelling Heath

Visitors to the Kelling Heath Holiday Park in North Norfolk may have noticed the stunning night skies the Park has to offer. Because Norfolk is a rural county, industrial activity is sparse. Pollutants pumped into the air from such installations can lead to a serious reduction in the clarity of the night sky. As a result, clear night skies at Kelling Heath allow visitors an unrivalled view of the night sky for this part of the UK. Guests will be able to marvel not only at the Milky Way (the combined light from the millions of stars in our Galaxy) but will be able to search around the many dark rifts from huge interstellar dust clouds, search out elusive galaxies they have never seen before and enjoy crystal clear views of our planetary neighbours.

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