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Beautiful Beaches

The long coastline of Norfolk falls into two very different categories. From the Wash around to Sheringham and Cromer, the sea is gradually retreating giving rise to sandbanks, spits of land and silted harbours. From Cromer onwards, the sea is gradually gaining ground, and in many places the soft clay cliffs are being deeply eroded. However, around the entire Norfolk coastline, there are a number of fine sandy Norfolk beaches, some remote and quiet but becoming more developed around the major towns, villages and resorts. This part of the UK coast has something for everyone and makes a great seaside holiday or weekend break.

Norfolk's Deep History Coast

North Norfolk's Deep History Coast is the 22-mile stretch of coastline between Weybourne and Cart Gap which has revealed the most spectacular finds. Happisburgh is the oldest archaeological site in northern Europe and West Runton yielded the most complete fossilised mammoth skeleton ever found in the UK. The exciting West Runton Mammoth find is the best-preserved elephant of its kind and ongoing excavations have also revealed the bones of rhinos, hyenas, wolves and bears. Finds along the Deep History Coast have provided the earliest evidence for human occupation so far discovered in northern Europe. They place early humans here in Norfolk some 350,000 years earlier than had been thought, at over 800,000 years ago. They also inform and provide a focus for the emerging story of Doggerland - an area of land, now lying beneath the southern North Sea, which connected Great Britain to mainland Europe during the last Ice Age.

Note: Restrictions are in place for walking dogs on popular Norfolk beaches in summer (May to end of September). However, you only have to walk a little to either side of  popular beaches and the restrictions are lifted - see our Pets Welcome Guided Tour for more details.

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